ADULTS / Introduction

Immersion for adults

Genuine immersion means you acquire a foreign language fast. Progress is immediate and quantifiable.

Whether you are a total beginner or already at ease in the target language, each stage of the course builds your confidence.



Modules of one week or more

At CERAN centers, we offer flexible one-week modules starting every Sunday evening and lasting until Friday afternoon. Our centers are open all year-round except for the last week of December and first week of January. You can therefore choose the dates that best fit your schedule. Your objectives and groups may change each week, allowing you to focus on  a variety of topics  during your stay.

3 types of programs

Based on your background and objectives, we let you choose the program that best suits your needs:

Please visit the Programs page for more details and rates.

Learning activities

At least 30 hours of
lessons per week,
reinforced by 30 hours
of practice supervised
by our trainers

Our intensive programs consist of 9 learning activities, each lasting 45 minutes, five days a week. These structured learning sessions are complemented by opportunities for practicing the language during breaks, meals and evening sessions led by our trainers.

This approach ensures that you consolidate your knowledge and gain real communication skills that take full account of the cultural dimension of learning a foreign language.

All in all, this adds up to at least 30 hours of lessons per week, reinforced by 30 hours of practice supervised by our trainers.

General comments

  • For group lessons, groups are made up of a maximum of 4 participants.
  • Lessons and other learning activities last 45 minutes each.
  • If, during the initial evaluation, we discover that you do not have the level required to participate in the module chosen, we reserve the right to re-direct you to the module adapted to your level.
  • If we don't have the appropriate group for you, we reserve the right to convert your 4 group lessons into 3 private lessons.

CERAN Belgium

French, Dutch, German, English

Other Languages

Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish programs are also available as private programs in this center.

CERAN Provence


Other Learning Options

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